Best Waterproof Phone Cases (2017)

Seidio Obex

Seidio 2
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Dog & Bone Wetsuit

Dog & Bone Wetsuit 2
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Bessmate 2
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JOTO Pouch

JOTO Pouch 1
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Purchasing a waterproof phone case will provide you more benefits than keeping your phone dry if it accidentally falls in the pool or comes in contact with moisture. The right waterproof phone case will protect your valued possession during many extreme outdoor activities, keeping it safe from dirt, moisture, and being banged around. Before purchasing your next case, consider these three advantages to purchasing waterproof phone cases for your phone.

Snow and Waterproof

These cases must undergo significant testing to ensure the contents are in fact protected from moisture. With the right waterproof case, users have the ability to now take their phones with them when they are snorkeling, playing in the snow, swimming, or getting caught in that unexpected rain storm. Regardless the conditions, the waterproof phone cases are designed to allow you to take pictures in extreme conditions without doing any harm to the electrical components inside. LifeProof and OtterBox cases allow you to take your phone places you only imagined.

Protection From Dirt

One of the advantages to purchasing waterproof phone cases is that they also work as an excellent barrier against dust and dirt. This is extremely helpful for those either working on construction sites, playing at the ball fields, or relaxing at the beach. These cases are carefully crafted to protect the interior contents for up to eight hours in extreme conditions. These cases might be waterproof, but they are also very effective at keeping out mud, grit, and even sand from destroying your phone, even while you are enjoying your music or making a call.

Shock Proof Your Phone

For those users that are constantly on the go, the waterproof case also provides your phone protection from knocks and drops. Being able to shock proof your phone will allow it to withstand a drop of two meters without causing any harm to the delicate electrical components inside. Whether your job requires you to be on the move or you enjoy extreme outdoor activities, now you can bring your phone with you safely.


waterproof phone caseWaterproof phone cases allow you to protect your mobile device in style. Available in a huge variety of colors and styles, the added expense of these cases are worth the investment. Providing maximum clarity and sound, these protection cases will not only keep your phone dry if it comes in contact with water, it will cradle your device and keep it safe from scratches in the most extreme conditions.

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