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BlueAnt PUMP Wireless HD Sportsbuds: A Great Solution For Intense Workouts

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If you’re part of the fitness revolution that’s taking the U.S. by storm then you know the pain of trying to workout with long dangling headphones. It’s not only a nightmare but it can be dangerous. Nowadays, wireless is the way to go but with so many options it’s hard to say which Bluetooth savvy headphones have your best interest in mind. However, sometimes the best options is the most obvious.

BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Sportbuds are one of the top ten Bluetooth headsets on the market in 2016 and will certainly give you a run for your money. Made with military grade Teflon and Kevlar that protects key audio components, the BlueAnt Wireless Sportbuds allow you to go as hard as you possible can to achieve your dream body to the soundtrack of your choice without limitations.

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The PUMP aspect of the headset provides a high quality HD audio without normal wireless compression to distort the sound. You can be up to 100 feet away from your Bluetooth enabled device, running, dancing, and even swimming with eight hours of uninterrupted audio, DJed by your own hand. The sound quality of the BlueAnt Sportbuds focuses heavily on a hard-hitting bass because beat drives your motion. Three words accurately sum up the superiority of the BlueAnt’s sound: crisp, clear, and consistent.

The look of the headphones themselves are modern and sleek. There are two different size stabilizers that lock the PUMP in place depending on how intense your exercise activity is. It has a light weight design that makes it feel like you’re hardly wearing anything, unlike other more clunky wireless headphones that you have to constantly readjust. The soft rubberized casing of the headset prevents chafing of the ear, inside and out. It also comes designed with ComfortSeal and Awareness which allows you to stay in tune with your surroundings and reduced audio fatigue.

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Another amazing quality of these headphones are the fact that they’re waterproof. You can take them for a swim without worrying about water getting into your ears or simply be drenched in a couple litres of sweat without a second thought. The water tight mesh protects the inner workings of the headset as well as your ears. All of the ports attached to the headphones are also protectively sealed to keep water, dirt, and grime out.

The wireless pairing is easy and effective with a long, reliable range. It is also equipped with a micro-USB charger port. You can pair it with any Bluetooth capable device, drop it in your gym bag and go. The extended battery life is also a major pro of the BlueAnt Pump. Even if you don’t spend all eight hours working out. You can do everything a normal Bluetooth enabled device can, take calls, listen to podcasts, or become aware of messages all from fifty plus feet away from your actual device.

You might have a look at these headphones and think that they seem a bit too large to be comfortable but that’s not the case. With seven different pairs of ear tips, its easy to find the best fit for your ear. There are a number of customizable fittings, like the awareness tips and stabilizers. There is also a separate cable zip to enhance isolation. The behind the ear design also adds to the sleek fit, making sure there is nothing standing in your way of an exciting workout.

There are buttons located on the right headphone which can increase the volume. You can skip music with the + sign button and to make calls you click the play button. You can also reject calls by pressing the play button twice.

The BlueAnt Pump Wireless Sportbuds have many great selling points: a lasting charge of eight hours, water-resistant, incredible sound quality, customized comfort, and more. In all you could pay over $300 for a pair of headphones just like these on the global market but why waste that when you can have a more affordable pair that does generally the same thing? Instead of buying a new pair of headphones every month because they can’t handle the stress and sweat of your workout, play it smart and utilize the power and freedom you’ll have with the BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Sportbuds.

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