Diver Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player

Diver Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player

Diver Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player

Swimming laps in a pool can become monotonous over time. The best way to alleviate this problem is by adding a little more spice to your workout with the help of a stellar playlist. The Diver Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player has the space, the battery life, and convenient waterproof headphones to enhance your underwater workout.

The design of the Diver is small and durable. It has three buttons: play/pause, increase volume, and decrease volume. It’s quick, easy, and simple to use. You can clip it to your goggles, swimsuit, or trunks. The hooked waterproof earphones clip right over your ears and with a swim cap they stay in place, no problem. The earbuds come in two sizes and normally stay in very well. It also comes in pink and blue.

The battery of the Diver is rechargeable and good for long term use. You can get through your entire workout and not have to worry about a draining battery. The Diver has 4GB of built in memory. It’s extremely simple to upload your files via Mac or PC. It’s large simple buttons are perfect for anyone who feels like they’re technically challenged. It’s a device made to help you feel more tech savvy.

The quality of the sound has surprised a lot of people too. With most underwater MP3 players you risk not having as high quality sound as you would like with land based MP3 players. However, with the Diver, the sound quality is incredible and even more amazing under the water. Listen to your playlist with crystal clear clarity or catch up with your favorite audio book. Either way, you’re underwater listening experience will be changed.

Unfortunately, this player has no shuffle option so once you upload your songs or audio books they will play in alphabetical order. However, the upside is that you can also turn it off and on and the Diver will pick up right where you left off. Perfect for keeping up with that intense mystery thriller you’ve been listening to. You won’t miss a thing.

The Diver Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player is very highly rated. It’s reasonably priced and has some pretty awesome qualities. The design is small and durable with large simple buttons. This MP3 player is perfect for someone who isn’t super tech savvy but still wants to engage with technology. The Diver gives you the ease and freedom to do you laps with the comfort of quality audio. It’s extended battery life makes it ideal for long term water sports use. The Diver provides 4GB of space, which allows you plenty of room to upload music and audio books alike.

This little gadget is perfect to use while in the pool. Unobtrusive, handy, and compact; it’ll greatly exceed your expectations.

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