Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold Review

Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold

Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold

After ten years of feedback and fine tuning, Finis has redesigned its super popular Zoomers fins to improve quality and performance. The Zoomers Gold takes the best qualities of the Blue and Red Zoomers and rolls them into one.

The Zoomers Gold is now equipped with a soft rubber foot pocket for additional comfort. The shorter blade and better angle aligns with the natural position of your foot to promote shorter, more precise kicks. The blade stiffness is an effortless balance between the previous Red and Blue Zoomers to produce an ideal training experience. The closed heel design creates a comfortable and secure fit while preventing hyper flexion. The Zoomers Gold also has more ankle flexibility to increase your range of motion for a much more effective workout. Made from 100% natural rubber, The Zoomers Gold are designed especially for longer and more durable use.

The Zoomers Gold are the perfect addition to your swimming routine, helping you develop sculpted legs and increased endurance. Designed to improve your workout and boost cardiovascular conditioning, the new and improved Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold will add that extra dimension of fun to your swimming routine.

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