JOTO Universal Waterproof Case/Dry Bag

JOTO Pouch 1Traveling nowadays can get pretty stressful. Between going through security and trying not to forget any essentials, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to worry about is your phone. Traveling in the summer means plenty of time spent on the beach, by the pool, and being out enjoying the night life. However, leaving your phone, your passport, or other belongings unattended can cause a lot of unneeded stress. Luckily, the JOTO Universal Waterproof Case/Dry Bag can hold all of your important items, such as your passport and cash, while keeping your phone dry and operable.

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Case works best when your phone doesn’t have a bulky case on it already. You can slip your phone, wallet, and a passport into the bag and secure it with a clasp at the top. There are clear windows on both sides of the case for easy accessibility to you phone’s screen, as well as your camera. The JOTO also comes with a trusty lanyard for convenient carrying. You never have to leave your valuables unprotected while you take a dip in the pool again.

The JOTO is scratchproof and has an IP rating of X8, which certifies it as waterproof, dustproof, dirt proof, and snow proof. The waterproof feature allows you to submerge it in up to 100 feet of water for as long as you want. Take amazing underwater photos and video with this incredibly high functional case.

JOTO Pouch 2

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Case is compatible with most smartphones. It’s light weight, touch friendly, scratch resistant, and comes with a secure lock seal. The large crystal clear windows on both the back and front of the case allow you to take pictures and videos in any weather condition while you travel. The dry bag can also carry important documents like your passport or cash so you never need to leave them unprotected in your hotel room. Certified with the IPX8 waterproof rating, you can submerge the case in 100 feet of water without worry.

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Case/Dry Bag is the ideal phone case to accompany you along your travels. Impress your family, friends, and the locals with the amazing underwater capabilities of your case. Whether you’re snorkeling, boating, fishing, or swimming, the JOTO Universal Waterproof Case will keep your phone super dry and highly functional.

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