Kaysion IP66 Review

Working out in all-weather conditions with your favorite soundtrack just got easier. Whether you’re running a marathon in the harsh Alaskan Tundra, or relaxing in a high jet hot tub; the KAYSION Waterproof IP66 Bluetooth Sports Headphones will be there to give you and your workout a full upgrade.

The KAYSION Sports Headphones are designed for intense sports use; made with an ergonomic, flexible design that ensures the headset’s comfort and stability. The flexible ear loops wrap around your ears to help keep them in place during intense physical activity. The KAYSION comes with three different sizes of earbuds. Finding the right size for your ear will help them stay in place during your workout.

The KAYSION Sports Headset is designed to take the abuse of everyday wear and tear. The black, slim futuristic style makes them one of the more sophisticated Bluetooth headsets on the market. These headphones lean heavy on the word ‘sport’ so they can be used at the gym, the pool, and the beach. But you can also use them while you relax in the shower after a long hard day.

They get a solid four star rating for style and comfort. The light weight design of the silicon earbuds conform to your inner ear shape. This makes them unique to your ears. The wire neckband can be easily adjusted for a shorter or longer cord and are surprisingly comfy when worn with a hat or a headband. Wear them to match your favorite gym outfit and make it your best accessory.

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The KAYSION Sports Headset is equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth hardware available. The headset supports hands-free calling as well as high fidelity stereo music. Developed with leading apt-X technology, you’ll get no lag when listening to music or making calls. Confidently hold hour long conversations with your motivational coach or listen to that audio book you haven’t been able to make time for, all at the click of a button.

The compatibility for the KAYSION Sports Headphones is universal. You’ll be able to pair these headphones with any Bluetooth enabled device: iPhone, Android, Sony, and many more. Almost all smartphones and tablets work well with these headphones. You can also connect with two devices simultaneously. Now you can finally do workout challenges with your best friend or show your cousin that hilarious video with crystal clear sound quality all from across the room. With 30 feet range of connectivity, you don’t have to be near your device to stay in touch.

The KAYSION Sports Headphones have a built in Lithium-Ion Polymer battery which provides up to 6 hours of music, 8 hours of hands free calling, and only 2.5 hours changing time. It also has a standby time of 100 hours, leaving it ready to use whenever you are. The KAYSION also has a built in HD microphone with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology to ensure a strong signal for making crystal clear calls.

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The KAYSION Sports Headset is also waterproof. Waterproof is a term you often see with Bluetooth headsets but it doesn’t always mean exactly what you think. The waterproof rating on the KAYSION is IP66, which means it’s protected from total dust ingress and high pressure water jets from any directions. These headphones can be used in all-weather conditions: heavy rain, wind, and sun.

Although it’s equipped with the Nano-Coating waterproof design, it’s ill-advised that you immerse these headphones in water. They will survive a trip to the shower, hot tub, and boat ride but if submerged they will most likely shut off. But, unlike most other waterproof headphones, they’ve been engineered to function normally again once they’ve dried out, which takes about 12 hours.


The KAYSION Waterproof IP66 Bluetooth Sports Headphones are an amazing product designed for sports use. The flexible, ergonomic style promotes comfort and class without losing quality. The silicone earbuds conform to fit your ear shape and a flexible loop keeps them in place during your workout. The KAYSION is equipped with advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology that provides you with high fidelity stereo sound and a strong signal for hands-free calling. Universally compatible with most smartphones and tablets, even two at a time, the KAYSION Waterproof IP66 Bluetooth Sports Headphones will do more than modernize your workout, they’ll update your life.

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