Pyle PWBH18 Review

The Pyle PWBH18 Bluetooth Water-Resistant Headphones:
Headphones that match your active lifestyle

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If you’ve ever been working out with normal headphones then you’re familiar with the pain of dealing with long, dangling cables. Between accidentally pulling them out of your ears when you adjust between moves, or having them in the way while you ride your bike, there is no way to avoid the awkwardness of it all. Normal headphones just don’t match up against wireless headphones and they certainly don’t do well when water is involved. However, it’s 2016 and technology is on your side.

The Pyle PWBH18 Water-Resistant Bluetooth Streaming Wireless Headphones are made for people who are sick and tired of dealing with uncomfortable, awkward headphones. The PWBH18 enhances your work out by making it more enjoyable with built in Bluetooth for hands free calling and music streaming; made with Marine grade IP64 water-resistant material for non-stop activity in and out of the water.

The design of the PWBH18 headphones is made for an active lifestyle. They wrap comfortably around your head and ears so you never have to worry about them falling off no matter how hard you work; leaving you free to finally try those super demanding exercise routines and push yourself to the limit with the soundtrack of your choice. The headset gently twists around your ears until you have the most comfortable fit. They’re so snug you’ll forget you’re wearing them. You’ll be lost in your own world of total body fitness and love every minute of it.

The Bluetooth capability of the PWBH18 allows it to be paired with any device iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, and PC. It’s crystal clear quality allows for over 30 feet of distance between you and your paired device without interruption. The PWBH18 comes equipped with a built in Lithium-Polymer battery that has a stand-by time of 180 hours and an active time of 5-8 hours for music streaming and calls. The high fidelity sound reproduction from the PWBH18 will match any other Bluetooth headset on the market.

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The waterproof resistance is one of the high selling points of the PWBH18. You can use them in the rain on an intense bike ride and never missing a call or a beat. There is a watertight cap that goes over the micro USB plug that keeps water from seeping into the unit (make sure it’s closed tightly before using in water-heavy activities). But even if water gets into the device, it wont cause any problems that airing out won’t fix.

The IP64 standard guarantees that these headphones are protected against splashing water and high pressure water stream from any angle. However, although the PWBH18 are designed to ensure normal operation in water at specific conditions, it can not be immersed in water. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset that accommodates deep sea exploration you might be waiting a few years for the technology to catch up. But if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that you can wear without worrying about sweat, rain, or water gun fights then the PWBH18 are for you.

Whether you’re a fitness novice or a fitness instructor, you know how important music is to your workout. Finding the right pair of headphones is nearly as challenging as holding that plank an extra 10 seconds. The Pyle PWBH18 Water Resistant Bluetooth Streaming Wireless Headphones are made for anyone who’s tired of dealing with their long, dangling headphones getting in the way of their workout and their lives.

The PWBH18 comfortable, snug design keeps it in place during even the most brutal work outs, helping you break through that wall. It’s Bluetooth capability makes it compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices so you can connect anywhere, anytime. Never miss a call or a beat during your workout ever again. The PWBH18 is also water-resistant, made with Marine grade IP64. It’s designed to work under the wettest conditions, although it’s not made to be completely submerged.

The Pyle PWBH18 Bluetooth Headphones are an attractive, sporty headset with incredible audio clarity made for your workout. So toss those annoying, cumbersome corded headphones in the trash and trade them in for the PWBH18, headphones that match your active lifestyle. Start enjoying life again through Bluetooth paired, water-resistant excellence.

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