Seidio OBEX Waterproof Case

Seidio 1The water and dust proof protection exceeds the IP68 rating, which is the highest rating possible. The OBEX case is protected against continued submersion in water and is completely dust tight. The case can be submerged in up to 6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

All critical points of entry on the case have two points of protection and rubber fixtures. These stoppers help prevent dust and liquids from getting into your phone’s headphone and charging portals. There is also anti-reflective glass that goes over the camera lens but doesn’t interfere with photo quality.

The drop protection on the OBEX surpasses the MIL-STD-810G test. Short for military standard, the mil-spec test evaluates the case’s strength by dropping it from various angles at a height of at least 4 feet. In order for the test to be considered successful, the case and device must be functional after each drop. The internal structure of the case was developed around protecting your phone from being dropped or compressed.

The body of the case is made up of a combination of Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Silicone Vulcanized materials. The raised edges of the case and the 4H hardness of the screen protector provides it with adequate defenses against the elements, making it a very tough case.

Despite your good intentions, sometimes protective cases can get in the way of your everyday life. However with the OBEX, you don’t have to worry about your phone being hard to use. The case will not interfere with radio signals, Bluetooth, or NFC (Near Field Communications). You don’t have to sacrifice ease of use for safety. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Seidio 2Unfortunately, as good as the Seidio OBEX is, it’s not perfect. The case requires that you perform a waterproof test the first time you install it and after any serious drops. This test just makes sure all of the proper flaps are in place and no gaps are present. You then have to submerge the case in water for about 5 minutes. You can see if water permeated the inside through the screen guard. It’s a simple test that can help the OBEX work to its greatest potential and keep your phone protected.

The Seidio OBEX Waterproof Case has a hardy yet slim protective shell. You can easily access your charging ports and headphone jack by opening the flaps on the bottom of the case. You never have to worry about the quality of your photos, videos, or calls because the protective covering won’t effect it. The shock-absorbent TPU and Polycarbonate materials will keep your phone safe from accidental drops. It has not only passed a military grade drop test, but it has also been given the highest rating possible on the IP waterproof and dustproof scale.

Based on all of the features, the Seidio OBEX Waterproof Case is inexpensive compared to other waterproof cases. Save yourself time and money by investing in a case you know will protect your phone, without any fancy gadgetry. Avoid the devastating event of dropping your phone on concrete or worse, in water, without any protective covering. Do yourself a favor by protecting your phone with the Seidio OBEX Waterproof Case, and never have to worry about your phone’s safety again.

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