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Swimbuds Waterproof headphones

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Nothing beats listening to your favorite playlist while you workout, except being able use it underwater! The Swimbuds Waterproof headphones allow you to take your music underwater with amazing sound quality, practically non-existent cords, and multiple earbud tips for customized comfort.

The Swimbuds Waterproof headphones have an extra-short cord design that keeps them in place no matter how vigorous your aquatic workout. Since there isn’t a long cord there is less drag and no loose cords to get caught on moving body parts. The earbuds create a waterproof seal that keeps sound in and water out. There are three different sizes of buds so you can find your comfortable fit. The other bud types can be used for “splash zone” activities; suited for swimmers, triathletes, and watersports enthusiasts.

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The Swimbuds Waterproof headphones have an IPX8 waterproof rating and create a tight seal meant to be used no deeper than 3.05 meters. With its super short cord and crystal audio clarity, the Swimbuds Waterproof headphones were built to help you enjoy your underwater workout.

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